Ken Lowe(non-registered)
Simple, elegant, functional design. Liked the user-friendly navigation, thumbnail and dim the lights options in particular. You seem to have a knack for capturing character in candid moments. I particularly liked the detail shots such as the rings on the cushion (Julia and Darren) and the high viewpoint images of church services, which is something I haven't seen before. You clearly go to great lengths to capture as comprehensive an impression of the entire day as possible. One suggestion- Have you considered taking close ups of the top table settings prior to the reception?
All in all, very impressive. Keep up the good work John.
Regards, Ken.
Peter Reason(non-registered)
Hi John, I really like your site - looks good, lovely photos and it loads them easily and quickly.
Good job done!
Rob James(non-registered)
Really good site John. Easy to navigate and informative.
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